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The Grand Site de Cirque de Navacelles is an area where, if you take the time to look, listen, or simply feel, you can discover both nature and the local heritage. Local tourist services facilitate visitors to “live” this area through different “real” experiences, enabling people to discover the landscape, shaped by nature and by man over the millennia and now recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site. They promote a type of tourism that is based on an intimate discovery of the area : looking at the wildlife, the flora, the geology and the cultural and agropastoral heritage : “lavognes”, small animal enclosures and old bread ovens.

How best to explore the area ? On foot, by bike, by donkey or on horseback, by day or by moonlight. Use the signposted paths ; Both children and adults can take the time to discover, in a unique way,  this exceptional and delicately balanced site.

The wealth of different experiences will wake up your senses and give you plenty to remember…


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This is done in partnership with the Grand Sites of France network.
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Le cirque de Navacelles



Come and discover the nature walks and local heritage in the Grand Site de Navacelles from Nimes and Montpellier.

Cirque de Navacelles walking ideas from Nîmes

Cirque de Navacelles walking from ideas Montpellier


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Who hasn’t dreamed of escaping to the heart of an exceptional landscape, to re-source for a weekend, without using the car ?

A trip to the countryside at the Grands Sites de France shows you that it is easy to explore and discover the different aspects of these unique areas, peacefully and without relying on your car.

On foot, by bike, or even by boat or steam train…

Live the “Grand Site de France” experience by trying out different trips, tried and tested by Pierre our trip loving “adventurer”.





Pierre’s trip to the Grand Site de Navacelles

Pierre spent 3 days at the Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles.  His excursion by electric bike started in Le Vigan and continued over the Blandas and Larzac Causses, these amazing, immense landscapes registered as a national heritage with UNESCO.

He was able to admire and soak up the views at the 2 site buildings : the “bélvedere de Blandas” and the “belvedere de la Baume Auriol” and also discover diferent aspects of the local heritage (sinkholes, “clapas”(piles of gathered stones), “murets”(low stone walls), “lavognes”(drinking places for animals), fortified wells, dolmens and menhirs)

Pierre also went by foot from the waterfall at the Cirque de Navacelles, along the steep-sided Gorges of the Vis to the la Foux mills found at the resurgence of the Vis.  The getaway ended at the Caylar where Pierre handed back his bicycle and took the bus to Montpellier before returning by train to Paris.


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Summary :

How to reach the Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles ?
What not to miss at the Grand Site
How to discover the Grand Site without a car ?
Pierre’s visit
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How to get to the Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles ?

By train and bus :

From Montpellier / Lodève :

1. Arrive at the train station Montpellier Saint Roch

2. At the bus station take the bus 301/381 travelling to Lodève or le Caylar and get off at the bus station (gare routière) or Le relais. The 108 takes you to Le Vigan, get off at Les Chataigners

3. There you can rent an electric or push bike (or take a taxi) to the Grand Site (see below)

Montpellier tourist office :
Lodève tourist office :

From Nîmes / Le Vigan :

1. Arrive at the train station in Nimes

2. At the bus station take the Edgard D40 bus to Le Vigan and get off at the Chataigniers

3. Carry on your journey by renting an electric or push bike or take a taxi to the Grand Site (see below)

During the sulmmer there is a shuttle bus between Le Vigan and the Belvedere de Blandes or the hamlet Navacelles

Nîmes tourist office :
Le Vigan tourist office :

By electric bike :

Bike rentals are situated at le Vigan and the Caylar (see “Discover the Grand Site de Navacelles without a car” below)

On foot :

By plane :

– Montpellier Méditerranée airport :

– Nîmes airport : Ales-Camargue-Cevennes :

Car sharing :

– Bla Bla Car :

– Vadrouille covoiturage :

– Covoiturage libre :

By taxi :

Carte interactive

Renting through individuals :

What not to miss at the Grand Site :

A selection of unmissable sites at the Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles are suggested below :

– Discover the local heritage (clapas, murets and drailles) through pathways, bridletracks and mountain bike trails.

– Journey through time as you discover the megaliths on the Southern Causses (dolmens, menhirs et cromlechs).

Visit the amazing resurgence of the Vis, as it emerges from its underground journey in the entrails of the Causse at the old Moulins (mills) de la Foux.

– Numerous viewing points enable you to contemplate the landscapes and open spaces of the Causse.

– Be tempted by a tasting of local products at the site buildings : the Belvedere of Blandas and the Belvedere of the Baume Auriol or buy your products directly from the producer (wine cellars at the Vacquerie, goats’ cheese “pelardon” at Vissec etc.)

– Historic sites, like the old fortified farm at la Prunarede, a renovated seventeenth century building, the ruins of the old priory of Saint Martin de Castries, fortified wells of Saint-Michel-d’Alajou, the Roc Castel at le Caylar, the old wind mill at Saint-Pierre-de-la -Fage.

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How to explore the Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles without a car ?

By electric bike :

Thanks to Marti and Xavier you can rent a bike in Le Vigan and leave it in le Caylar, and vice versa from le Caylar to le Vigan.

From le Vigan contact Marti CASTELANO
«Cigale Aventure » 09 80 36 37 84 – /

From le Caylar contact Xavier CHABANNE
« L’école Buissonnière » 04 67 44 58 35 –

On foot :

Set off from the three Meridional Causses with a donkey or on horse back, alone or with an experienced guide, 

Blandas Causse :

« Causses et Lamas »

04 67 81 52 77 / 06 13 15 72 09 –

« Cavalquinta »
06 24 66 23 66 –

 Causse du Larzac :

« Sherp’âne »

04 67 44 68 99 –

« Ser’âne »

04 67 73 13 26 –

« Élevage Seranne Larzac »

06 81 62 50 35 / 04 67 44 63 45

« Équi-Larzac »

06 18 88 53 07 –

« Rênes longues »

06 08 54 76 27 –

Campestre and Luc Causse :

« Les Magettes »

04 67 82 02 31 –


Pierre’s visit :

Lodgings “bed and breakfast and evening meals, yurts” :

« Nomad Elze »

06 84 10 88 09 –

« L’Oustal del Passejaire »

04 67 13 25 92 –

Restaurants :

« l’Auberge du Causse »

« le belvédère de Blandas » maison de site du Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles

« le belvédère de la Baume Auriol » maison de site du Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles

« Les Tilleuls »

Other places to stay and restaurants :
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