The label Grand Site de France

logo RGSFThe seal, attributed by the State, is the recognition of a management style that conforms to the principles of sustainable development : marrying preservation of the landscape and the « spirit of the place », a quality welcome for the public, and participation of local people and partners in the  life of the « Grand Site ».

This is a state-owned seal , registered  at the National Institute of Industrial Property in 2003. It is managed by the Minister of Ecology and  subscribed to the environmental code (article L 341-15-1) a law established in  July 12, 2010 which established a national the environment : 

« The seal « Grand Site de France » can be attributed  by the Site Minister to a  well known and frequently visited classified site. The attribution of the label follows a project of preservation, mangement and valorisation of the site corresponding to the principles of sustainable development.
The perimeter of the territory affected  by the seal can include communes outside the classified site, if they are participating in the project. The seal can be attributed on demand, to a community group, a public establishment, a cross community group or a management organization which groups together local participants.
The length (ie  in time) of the award is decided when the seal is attributed».

This seal is selective and demanding. It is attributed for six years, after a recommendation from the « Commission supérieure » of sites, perspectives and landscapes, and the « Réseau des Grands Sites de France ».

RGSF 3 pilier label

It can be removed at any time if the site does not respect the commitments of protection, site promotion , local economic development and respect for visitors.


Download l’Article L.341-15-1

Further information : The site of Ministry of Ecology

The Grands Sites de France in figures (source MEDDE)