To respect the territory of the Grand Site of the Cirque de Navacelles,


1. I will behave responsibly before, during and after my activity.

I don’t know the area, I will find out about the rules concerning the sport or activity I’m involved in before I leave and I’ll take the precautions that are necessary. Some parts of the Cirque de Navacelles are set aside for hunting and fishing. I will give way to people who are part of an organised group, and when/where necessary to other people in the Grand Site, for example farmers, forestry workers, or others. I am polite. I’ll let the site manager know of any damage or problems I see around me.

2. I’ll find out about and respect the rules related to the « Grand Site ».

I won’t light fires : don’t underestimate the risk of fire ! I’ll behave responsibly and I’ll find out from the tourist offices where it is possible to camp, bivouac or park a camper van.

Overnight stays in tents, caravans and camper vans are not allowed in classified sites. I will stay on signed paths and I will only use authorised parking places and services (eg toilets). The areas that I’m using are either privately owned, or belong to the parish. I respect the agreements, upkeep and management procedures that mean that this land is accessible to me.

3. I respect agricultural activities : crops, animals, tree plantations.

I will stick to authorised areas. I won’t pick or harvest anything that is being cultivated. I’ll close gates behind me. I will not disturb any animals. I will keep my dog on a lead.

4. I respect this natural environment : vegetation, animals, geology.

I am on a « Sites Natura 2000 ». The natural environment I am in is fragile and rich in biodiversity. Taking shortcuts erodes the ground and vegetation, so I’ll stay on the paths and authorised areas. I won’t create unnecessary noise. Most of the vegetation, animals, birds and minerals are protected. If I want a lasting memory I will take a photograph, not take anything home with me. I will share my knowledge and will make observations of any remarkable species I may see. If I see any damage or potential damage then I will indicate this on :

5.  I respect the environment.

I won’t leave any litter in the countryside and I will use rubbish bins when they are available. If they are not available I will take my rubbish away with me.

6. I am aware of the importance of security for me and the people I am with.

The « Grand Site de Navacelles » is situated in a steep mountainous area. In order for my trip to be a success I need to be well equipped and well prepared. I will protect myself from the sun, wind and from falling and I will rehydrate myself regularly. I will make sure that at least one other person is aware of my route.

I know the emergency phone numbers and I have a way of raising the alarm if necessary (mobile phone).
NB : no phone network in the Gorges.



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