Recognition as World Heritage by UNESCO

UNESCO recognised the territory (which includes the Cirque de Navacelles) by registering, on 28 June 2011, the Causses and the Cévennes on the list of worldwide heritage sites, under the title « landscapes depending on mediterranean agropastoralism ». The entire perimeter of the « Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles » is included in this area. It is the biggest cultural landscape registered in the whole of Europe (3 023 km²). The agricultural activity consists of large scale pastoralism, and the growing of the necessary cereals or fodder for the animals’ needs.


logo emblème UNESCOThe Causses and Cévennes present a huge diversity of landscapes which have been shaped for thousands of years by humankind and the environment : the limestone plateaus of the big Causses (the Causse Méjean, the Causse of Sauveterre, the Black Causse, the Causse of the Larzac, the Causse of Blandas…) divided by deep gorges (the gorges of the Tarn, of the Jonte, of the Dourbie, of the Vis…) or by green valleys (the valley of the Lot) and by the jagged relief of the Cévennes (schist), and the Mont Lozère and Aigoual (granite).


For your information, a UNESCO memorial was inaugurated on July 27 2014 at plaque UNESCO - belvédère de la Baume Auriolthe Grand Site du Cirque de Navacelles, at the Baume Auriol belvedere. 



The network of spokespeople for the Causse and Cévenneslogo ambassadeur

Since 2013 a network of about 100 people and organisations has been developed to provide an authentic and up-to-date exploration of the Causses and Cévennes. These spokespeople and organisations are passionate about the land and its history,and enable visitors to discover the exceptional and outstanding value of the Causses and the Cévennes, recognised by UNESCO.
By visiting and taking part in the different activities offered by the people working in tourism (farm and site visits, museums, outdoor activities, restaurants and cafés) visitors can begin to have an understanding of the interaction and dynamism between/of the landscape and the people who populate it. The spokespeople can be recognised by this badge. The tourist offices can help you to meet them. 



Download the list of spokespeople